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Top Trends to Increase Value for Paid Search Spend


If stretching your marketing budget is a high priority, then understanding current trends in pay-per-click (PPC) ad management is critical. This goes beyond having good ad copy, identifying your target market audience, evaluating top-performing ads, and developing ideal keywords. Some examples are: 

  • Focus on brand targeting through remarketing strategies. This takes specific marketing ads and remarkets them to people who have already visited your site. By keeping your brand on their mind, even if they didn’t purchase something in the past, this generally results in more clicks and purchases.

  • Visual searching preparation. With visual searching the end user simply takes a photo then the search locates ‘like items’ in the results. To ensure that you are ahead of this trend, include alt text for all your products and services. This will ensure the alt text as metadata will be caught and categorized by search engines. It is also a good idea to use a short alt text and a long alt text. For example, you take a photo of red purse with black strap should have short alt text like, “red purse black strap,” and “small red purse with narrow black strap,” for long alt text.

  • Consider social media ads. First, know your target audience’s social media of choice. Surveys show that 70% of people check at least one social media provider each month; however, there are demographic differences. Generation X and baby boomers are likely to be on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, while Millennials and Post-Millennials are more likely to use more multiple current platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. Women of all generations are more likely to be on Pinterest when compared to men.

  • PPC through Amazon. As the third largest advertiser, Amazon is likely a good marketing investment. Since people are already on Amazon to search and buy something, your ad may catch their eye, leading to more clicks over Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

  • Revisit Bing and consider PPC ads through Microsoft Advertising, which reaches around 1.3 million users each month. Your ads can target specific regions, times or days, and demographics, along with the typical keyword PPC style advertising on a bid basis. There are also options for targeting specific devices including phones and tablets.

Looking further into the future, one trend sure to hit the market is voice searching. Though voice search advertising is not a trend in itself, it is in development. By the end of 2020 it is estimated that 50% of internet searches will be initiated through a voice search (such as Google Home, Alexa Dot, and Siri). To be ready when voice searching does hit the market, be sure to use a conversational tone in your FAQ page and website product pages when you update pages throughout the next year. 

When getting the most of your marketing budget, it comes down to knowing your target audience, being flexible and trying additional platforms and campaigns, staying on top of best practices, and evolving with technology.

— Published on November 1, 2019