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Online success isn't about you finding customers it's about customers finding you

Online success isn’t about you finding customers, it’s about customers finding you

Save up to 40% off your current paid search agency fees.

Unlock substantial savings on Google Ads fees. Our tailored approach guarantees up to 40% in cost reductions compared to traditional agency fees. Experience exceptional results without compromising your budget – partner with us to maximize your advertising potential while minimizing your expenses.

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Paid Search Services

  • Pinpoint ad targeting across all major platforms including; Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Yelp. Get your Brand in front of the right customer, in the right place, at the right time

  • Custom campaigns built around your customers, industry, business, and products

  • Ad copywriting; designing the right message that gets users and visitors to click is crucial. Our creativity and experience will boost the overall effectiveness of a PPC ad

  • Remarketing, or retargeting, ads aimed at customers that visited your site and didn’t convert. These highly effective ads appear on social newsfeeds and the Google Display Network

  • Included click-fraud protection to exclude competitors and invalid IP’s

  • Expertise with proven results for clients ranging from local service providers to car dealerships and e-commerce businesses

  • A true business partner who’s absolutely obsessed with your success – we’re not simply interested in your dollars. We know mutual success is about long-term sustainability

  • Value and transparency: upfront flat-rate affordable pricing and no hidden fees

  • Throughout your campaign we’ll keep you informed with monthly reports, so you’ll know we’re with you every step of the way

  • A dedicated point of contact who you can reach by phone or email whenever you need

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More leads and online business

This is why most clients invest in PPC ads to begin with, but continuous campaign improvement and expert tactical management are required to boost click-throughs and conversions over time. Our ad management experience knows how to accomplish this.

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